The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of hundreds of companies about their outsourcing habits and hear’s what they found are the six most common reasons that companies outsource.

  • 26% of companies outsource to save money – this isn’t terribly surprising – what company doesn’t want to pinch pennies where they can?
  • 23% of companies outsource to focus on strategy – spreading yourself too think what all of the administrative tasks doesn’t leave a lot of time for planning, so this makes sense.
  • 22% of companies outsource to improve compliance – it is increasingly challenging to stay in compliance and increasingly risky to not meet requirements so outsourcing this risk is beyond smart
  • 18% of companies outsource to improve accuracy – if you’ve got too much on your plate (and who doesn’t) accuracy may fall by the wayside, so this also makes sense
  • 18% of companies outsource due to a lack of experience in-house- knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths, so handing off a task you know you can’t handle properly to someone with expertise is a great business decision
  • 18% of companies outsource to take advantage of technological advances – with big data worth tapping into, but costly technology needed to really delve into strategic analytics, outsourcing can offer solutions without a significant investment