Job descriptions, they power our most critical HR initiatives but are we giving them the care and attention they deserve? If you’re reading this, then likely you’re questioning the quality of your job descriptions. Thankfully though, we can help!  For almost 10 years, ICS has partnered with JDXpert, the leader in job description software, on providing businesses struggling to manage their job descriptions with the tools necessary to get their job descriptions on track…..and stay there. 

If you’re a customer of, or considering the services of JDXpert (not familiar, then I highly suggest you check them out), but are strapped for time and resources to setup or manage your job description portfolio, ICS can act on your behalf. ​

Jump Start Program

For new customers of JDXpert, an ICS representative will serve as the Project Manager and Lead Administrator and will execute the implementation of the JDXpert tool. We will communicate with all stakeholders to make sure the project is going smoothly and will keep you abreast of the progress with weekly updates and metrics. 

Below is a sample timeline of a typical project:


Admin Assistance Program

Ever wish you could just hand over the management of your job descriptions to someone else? Now you can! If you’re a customer of JDXpert, an ICS representative can act on your behalf as the Administrator of your job description portfolio. 

Our experts will perform such job description management tasks as:

  • New job description creation
  • Management review process
  • FLSA classification
  • EEOC classification
  • ADA compliance of physical demands
  • Competency development
  • Edits/modifications review for existing job descriptions
  • Mass change of Job Description due to choice list changes, M&A events or re-organizations
  • Loading of content (Salary Surveys, competencies etc. 
  • Reporting – Workflow reporting, change reports etc.

And all of this will be done using state-of-the-art job description software powered by JDXpert. Not only will your job descriptions be managed by experts, but your company will have access to a tool that has the capability of allowing anyone in your organization 24/7 access to job descriptions and the ability to suggest edits and create a review cycle for changes to the job descriptions. 

Ideal for those who understand the value of keeping job descriptions updated and accurate, but who are unable to dedicate the time necessary to manage them. Or, those who want to leverage the experience of experts in the field. 

If you’re interested in learning how you can utilize the expertise of ICS and the power of JDXpert to manage your job descriptions as you envision, then reach out to us today!